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We're a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas.


Brand Strategy & Art Direction

Because the more detailed you are in your branding strategy, the easier it will be to succeed when we execute them.


Video Production

Captures the video content (moving images / videography) and involves filming the subject(s) of the video.



Planning aspects of the video production process before filming begins. This includes scriptwriting, scheduling, logistics, and other administrative duties.


Post Production

Selectively combining those video clips through video editing into a finished product that tells a story or communicates a message


Creative studio with
art & technologies.

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We work in the fields of corporate videos and education.

Internet video production

Video content is being used in an ever-growing range of contexts, including testimonial videos, web presenter videos, help section videos, interviews, parodies, product demonstrations, training videos, thank you videos, and apology videos.

For distance education

Teachers integrate best practice teaching techniques to create scripts, organize content, capture video footage, edit footage using computer-based video editing software to deliver final educational material over the Internet.

Product videos

Product videos are created with the main purpose of selling a product and offer an opportunity to communicate all of the highlights and features of a product which are typically written on the product page in text but with the added bonus of showcasing glamour shots of the product. The most effective product videos are typically between 2 and 3 minutes in duration, balancing the amount of information provided while keeping the audience engaged.

Step 1.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos production can be scripted and covers a wide range of purposes from corporate Communication, Training and Education, videotaping conferences and conventions, products and services, and sales.

Step 2.

Event Video

Video production can be used at sporting, school, stage, wedding, church, and similar events to provide recordings of the events.

Step 3.

Internet Video Production

Marketing videos are made on the basis of the campaign target. Explainer videos are used for explaining a product, commercial videos for introducing a company, sales videos for selling a product, and social media videos for brand awareness.

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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help fin-tech companies to create an amazing identity by crafting top-notch videos.

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